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Crap I got a fake!!!

So I have been doing my makeup forever, but have started to really get into brands and different styles of makeup and whatnot. Well I was so stoked to have found the “MAC 12 color cream eyeshadow pallet” for under $20 and I got it. I was so excited and have used it many times and love the colors, they are great and vibrant and are really some of the best colors I have used. Well I have been reading some of the articles about how much fake crap is on ebay and one of them apparently is the 12 color mac shadows that I had got. So according to this article MAC has never made this and it’s a total fake!!! CRAP, but on the other hand, whatever this stuff is, it’s still some of the best makeup I have used, I just don’t actually have MAC as I had thought… Oh Well, my knock off MAC is still fabulous!!! Thought my little error was a bit funny and wanted to share!

Miley Cyrus New Look Without Extensions


Miley Cyrus was spotted getting her extensions removed at a hair salon in New York on Wednesday. After nine hours(!) at the salon she left with a sweater over her head.

I was surprised that she was using hair extension – I thought her hair had been natural for a while.

Hari’s Hair semi-permanent extensions

One of London’s most established hair and beauty salons : Hari’s Hair & Beauty have launched their Glamour Red-Carpet Hair Booking @ £150 (305 Brompton Road SW3 2DY), in which semi-permanent hair extensions are used to create extra volume for your hair.

Featured in OK magazine’s Trilby and Natalie’s hottest trends of the week.

Clip In and Latex Bond Extensions Guide

Check out this new beginners guide to diy hair extensions at Clip in extensions in 6 easy steps:

  1. Use the tail end of the comb to make a straight, horizontal part from mid-ear to mid-ear. Clip away the remaining hair above the part.
  2. Pull the loose hair below the part outward and firmly with one hand. Position the comb about 1 to 2 inches from the root.
  3. Comb briskly towards the root, keeping within 1 to 2 inches from the scalp. This will tease the root slightly, which will keep the clip-ins in place. Repeat steps 2 and 3 along the entire horizontal part
  4. Spray the teased area lightly with hair spray. Snap the clips on the clip-in hair extensions open
  5. Hold the clip of the clip-in extensions slightly above the part. Slide the teeth of the clip down into the teased area so that the top of the clip lies below the horizontal part. Snap the clip closed. Repeat this step along the entire horizontal part.
  6. Create another horizontal part about 1 to 2 inches above the first part, clipping away the remaining hair. Repeat steps 2 through 5 along the entire part. Continue making horizontal parts and clipping in the extensions up to your temples.