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sunless tanning lotion

ok I am really pale and i don’t tan easily. i’ve tried.
I’m going to need to have some kind of tan by the middle of janurary. Does anyone know of a sunless tanning lotion thats good (and hopefully cheap) that will work? and if not a sunless tanning lotion any other way to get a tan?

What hair straightening gels can I use for colored hair

I don’t know where you live but there is a company based out of San Fransisco and they sell products to quite a few salons over here in Nevada. The company is called Nikolas and there one product called Sleek is the best, they have great hair sprays and shine sprays and stuff too. I use sleek in my hair when it’s damp and then blow dry and straighten, it’s great. I know if you call them you can order directly from them if you can’t find anywhere around you that sells their products.edit: and it will NOT strip your color

Experience with Regaine

I’ve been using the 5% Regaine for about 4 months now per Drs. orders. I definately have a fair bit of regrowth on the top of my head and the sides are thicker, but there still is shiny scalp. There are problems though. The first being the hair that has come in is very kinky and looks like frizz on the top of my head (kind of a white see through color). The second is that you have to apply Regaine 2/day (according to this web site) and it leaves your hair oily and wet. So I could not go to work like that after applying it in the morning. The evening application is no problem. The third problem is that I am growing facial hair. The last thing is you have to keep using it or your hair that you regrew will fall out.

So, while I am happy that the hair loss is better than last fall, I don’t feel I can leave the house looking like this. If I try and use a curling iron it helps somewhat then frizzes a few minutes later.

Has anyone else experienced this?