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ok – I want a drastic hairstyle change – colour and cut – I need suggestions:
ever since I got preggo with Allie there is one section in the back of my head that is curly and that cut doesn’t flow very well any more
TIA for any and all suggestions :)


So about 2 months ago, I started using a different brand of shampoo and conditioner, and ever since then, the back of my head is soooo itchy! Its driving me crazy. It hasn't started itching in any other areas or anything, just the back of my head. Does anyone know whats up with this? Or what I can do to make it stop?

Highlights (cap or foil)

So I got highlights about 6 weeks ago and my roots are about 1/2 to 3/4" long… Now what??? I have brown hair. How do I just do regrowth??? Do I have to redye and then re pull threw the cap??? Should I just buy a blonde hair color???Please give me some advise…

It's ALL i think about!

i just got finished watching ‘hes just not that into you’ and i realized i was concentrating on the actresses makeup instead of what the movie was about! haha! have any of you ever done this?