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Damaged Hair Help Grealy Needed

My hair is extremely damaged, so much so, that if i pull it hard, it breaks off in my hand. I have gone to Sally’s Beauty and they have given me 30 different things to try. I have even splurged and bought what was recommended at the salon, but nothing works! I have already chopped most of my hair off, and i don’t want to cut anymore. My goal is for it to grow waist length.

It is damaged from about over a year ago, i colored it so many times!

I don’t use heat, or any other chemical products in my hair, does anyone have any suggestions?

Is hair gel bad for you hair

I have naturally curly hair..its nasty and unmanageable I have to flat iron it (but I have a 100% ceramic flat iron and use aveda heat protectant) but I just got a ton of blonde highlights in my hair and my hair is pretty I assume not blow drying my hair or flat ironing it would help get it back healthy faster..but I cant just let my hair go without I have to shower and then while its wet put a bunch of hair gel in it to keep my curls manageable and non-frizzy..So ive been doing that everyday instead of the other…So is using hair gel defeating the purpose? I just have heard before that hair gel is bad for ur hair..dont know if its true