Artificial Nails

nailtech11I want something to make me feel pretty! It’s so easy to feel and look run down when you’ve got a moody 11 y/o son, an insane 1 y/o son, and a (soon-to-be) 2 month old who ALL need your attention. I try to paint my nails, but the polish either chips and my nails are just raggedy. When I try to grow them all they do is snag and break. I want fakies! In general how much do they cost? How expensive are they to maintain? Are they more trouble than they’re worth? Any insight would be much appreciated!


Acrylic nails out here run right around £40.

To maintain them (fill them) it’s £30 every three weeks. If you break a nail it’s £10 per nail to fix. Those are the basics here!

I don’t know where you live, but I live in London and it’s £28 for acrylic with white tips, think they call that French manicure. £25 for painted acrylic nails and £15 to fill about every 2 weeks or so.

Your nails sound like mine!

I used to get my nails done….but I think it looks awesome until a week after, then you are stuck with them until your next fill. And if your nails grow fast…fills every 2 weeks don’t come fast enough. If you have time and £££ to maintain them, they are great. They do make you feel pretty tho, I agree! OH~and some ppl don’t do well with acrylics…like me, they lifted really bad, so I went for gels, and I really liked them.

Or if I have a trip to go on or a special occasion, I get them put on and then just take them off (acetone) when I am tired of them.