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dry lips

hey i was wondering what everyone uses on their lips this time of yr…between the heat of the house and the cold of the lips become extremly dry and gross…right now im using burts bees, but i was wondering what everyone else uses? thank you

acne problems…

I have acne for awhile now and seem like i cant get rid of it no matter what i used. I have used proactiv and nothing. My face seems like its still oily. But what is the best thing to use to get rid of acne and the scarring?? I dont want nothing exspensive. something i can buy at the department store.

Anyone work from home?

Sorry this really has nothing to do with the theme of the site, but…

Does anyone work from home? I have seen so many ads and such everywhere, but it just seems to good to be true.. or seems like a joke. I was just wondering if anyone really does it…

If so, what do you do? And how much do you make?

It seems like something that would be great for me… something I would love to do. But, like i said… it seems to good to be true. I wouldn’t want to get myself into something that isn’t gonna work out.

Brazillian wax question

Okay, So I am almost 23 weeks pregnant and I am a big girl already. I really need to go get a wax. but I am TERRIFIED because I have never gotten one before. Heres my question: what exactly does a brazillian include….butt, front and every little hair in between??? I am not worried about the pain I just want it done….I can deal with the pain……I just really want more info before I dive in!!!