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I am new here and I have some questions

I want to get new make up for the holidays. I have brown eyes and brown hair. I have never wrote here before. What should I do?

I have dyed my hair many different times.

  • black
  • blonde with pink
  • honey colour highlights 2 x
  • I am not going to do it again.

I have seen the Kate Huson make up com. and I thought maybe I can so something like that let me know


well, since you said you have brown eyes, the color that best compliments them is purples & plums. Physicians Formula has sets of shadows, liner, and mascara that come in this shade to help make your brown eyes POP.

I have the Almay eyeshadows I think you are talking about. I personally don’t think it’s that great so I would probably try Pinky’s suggestion.

Hey I have green eyes-does anyone know what colours work best for them?

I have green eyes with hints of blue through out them. mine pop with golds browns and purples.

Well I sell make up online

it is nice to get exclusive brands like artistry u can check my website for the makeup we have mineral makeup, pressed powder foundation and it looks better than the bareminerals makeup because you don’t have to use 3 different types like bare minerals in the get started kit go to this website and take a look at it.

It's ALL i think about!

i just got finished watching ‘hes just not that into you’ and i realized i was concentrating on the actresses makeup instead of what the movie was about! haha! have any of you ever done this?

Trying to get use to it but…

Okay, so I just started using Bare Minerals and I’m trying my best to get used to it but I’m not sure that I can! I just don’t think it covers that well and when I look in the mirror I don’t see that polished look that I see with liquid foundation. Any suggestions because I really want to like it???

coastal scents? eyeshadow

anyone have it? if you do, Do you like it? im thinking of getting it, its not expensive at all for alot of colors,but im guessing they arent to big either. i relly want to buy the 70 piece i think thts the one. it comes with eyeshadow and blush.

dark blotches on cheeks

i have these dark large enough blotches on my cheeks that started small on one side and now i have them on both cheeks, i like to wear foundation, which one can i wear that would cover it up alot better ?and ,is there any brand of foundation that does not go on your clothes or anyone elses when you hug them? i had seen it on t.v but don’t remember the brand name.

first makeup

My daughter is going to be 14 in Febuary and she wants so badly to wear makeup. We have started this year letting her wear mascara and lip gloss but for Christmas I was going to but her a makeup set. I was wondering what if anyone has ideas for a young girls 1st make up set. I don’t want anything that will make her look like a clown,

Crap I got a fake!!!

So I have been doing my makeup forever, but have started to really get into brands and different styles of makeup and whatnot. Well I was so stoked to have found the “MAC 12 color cream eyeshadow pallet” for under $20 and I got it. I was so excited and have used it many times and love the colors, they are great and vibrant and are really some of the best colors I have used. Well I have been reading some of the articles about how much fake crap is on ebay and one of them apparently is the 12 color mac shadows that I had got. So according to this article MAC has never made this and it’s a total fake!!! CRAP, but on the other hand, whatever this stuff is, it’s still some of the best makeup I have used, I just don’t actually have MAC as I had thought… Oh Well, my knock off MAC is still fabulous!!! Thought my little error was a bit funny and wanted to share!